Discussion on how Canada has Consistently Required the Importation of Skilled and Unskilled Workers to Assist It's Economic Development

"Canada, which is essentially a country of immigrants, has consistently required the importation of skilled and unskilled workers to assist its economic development" (Donald Avery).

Year after year, the number is large of immigrants who make up the population of Toronto looking for jobs in many areas of companies located here. This huge number of international people available to work only goes for Canada once now it is possible to find way more human capital what will make people fight for jobs even more, trying to get more prepared and capable than the others. Moreover, many of these workers are way too skilled to a certain job, even more than the Canadians, and will contribute so much for the company they are going to work for. However, for the fact of being international workers and also for being so far away from their original places, many of these workers don't have the same advantages that the Canadians have once the laws that should protect them are not followed and they don't get the deserved support. They very often execute the same job, and sometimes harder jobs, as the Canadians and get less pay for that or they get the same pay but working way much more. Although the integration of new international workers is great for Canada's economy, the working conditions and the respect for the foreign workers are not valued as they should be.

The arrival of immigrants to work in Canada is both the immigrant’s interest and also the company's interest. The immigrants come to the big cities with the hope of finding more jobs and higher wages and the companies are looking for a variety in human capital and more trained workers. With the entry of more people, besides be a big and interesting variety of cultures living together in the same territory, it is also an improvement in the number of people available to the labor market in Toronto. With more people available, the need for great skills to execute the jobs is a reality, fact that will make people fight for the occupation of a vacancy specializing their skills and increasing their knowledge. Karim Burrel, a young guy who lives in Toronto, when asked about this case states, "The immigrants contribute significantly to the Canada's economy because they bring several skills from their home of origin which contributes for Canada's economy" (Burrel 2010).

It is also worth to say that many companies will be faced with high skilled professionals who carry a big baggage of past jobs and have a precious knowledge in relation to specific points and tasks, what will make them stand out compared to the other workers and bring benefits to the companies they are working for. It is also the main goals of the companies that use the immigrants as a part of their labor force, once the international worker can be way more capable than the workers from here and this foreign element might make the company also stands out compared to all the other companies they compete with.

However, not everything happens as expected. Of course the scene of international workers coming to Toronto and working for companies and succeeding with that happens sometimes, but what we see the most is the case of taking advantages and even exploitation of these workers that are so far away from the original countries. Although there are laws that ensure their rights, they are not followed and most of the times they are not even known by these workers who have to work much more than needed and not being rewarded for that. Even in the regular work they don't get the deserved wages and sometimes they have to work extra time or execute harder works and not getting any bonus for that. What makes it worse is the facts of most of these workers surrender themselves to their bosses, not reporting any abuse and not claiming for their rights worried about lose their jobs and their source of incomes. As the Toronto Star shows, "A majority of 100 immigrants interviewed said they were working in excess of 50 hours. About 12 per cent worked more than 60 hours weekly. Premium pay for overtime and workers compensation for injuries were unknown to these employees" (Deverell A22).

Great is the importance of having immigrants working for companies in Toronto and increasing its labor force available for working. This number of international workers contributes for the variety of human capital and by that improves the competition among all the workers that want to be more skilled than the others. Besides, companies can be faced with really well prepared workers which their knowledge will only contributes for the growth of the companies and will definitely make them stand out in the market scene. Furthermore, it is also a chance these workers found of having their knowledge and work recognized and valued. But many of them don't have the work rights respected and they end up helpless and exploited by the bosses. It is for the Canadian officials to ensure the rights of these workers will be respect when they ask for and also check how the work environment is going in each company in Toronto. It will definitely make they work better and will help them become really part of the Canadian society.