Discussing Egg Donation - Is it Supporting the Trade of Organs?

Discussing Egg Donation - Is it Supporting the Trade of Organs?

Resorting to old techniques in life was a long tradition, but thanks to the vertiginous feats that science has accomplished, people have noticed a spectacular enhancement in diverse branches of science, that they have proven efficient on a daily basis. Indeed, who would ever imagine that one day the human being would achieve advancement? To some extent, there is no denying that science and technology advancement had to take place, now that we live in a consumption society where the verb “to consume” is part and parcel of our daily life. Undoubtedly, it is impressing when you hear that science can intervene in reproduction; for instance, thanks to science progress, it is possible to implant someone else’s egg so as to give birth to a baby. This is one of the controversial topics that have aroused discussions and even reactions: The idea of implanting eggs could seem at a first view perfect for a woman whose eggs do not function. From a moral point of view, offering your eggs for money is an outrage that goes against ethics. That is, not only interesting would be to discuss this issue, but it would be also appealing to compare people’s stand at a moral level.

The permanence of the process of organs donation illustrated by the example of eggs donation is clear evidence that there are still some people supporting the trade of organs. According to some testimonials of egg donors, donating eggs is regarded as a noble act that excludes selfishness. Because some women could unfortunately not give birth to children due to sterility issue, there is no reason why they would not have the right to buy eggs from a women who is not willing to have children afterwards. Consequently, egg donors find no objection for selling their productive organ; on the contrary, they are persuaded that they are providing a service to these unfortunate women who could never hope to expect a child one day, unless they resort to implantation technique. Similarly, potential recipients strongly believe that egg donation is incontestably the remedy to the sterility issue especially if the couple is not eligible to produce; for instance, a great many couples desire a child when it is too late to have a baby due to the age reached by women (an estimation of 45 years old). Subsequently, old couples don’t feel reluctant to start the modern procedure by implanting someone else’s eggs.

In contrast, it seems that the idea of implanting eggs from a donor is not approved by everyone. In fact, eggs donation were subject to many critics and incurred reactions from different point of views. As stated in the book, selling eggs for an exorbitant price could be morally objectionable: “no one is forced to buy or sell, it cannot be wrong for reasons of coercion.” In other words, there are coercive policies that go against ethics and don’t appear to be scrupulous at all, such as forcing poor women to sell their organs: “ Some might worry that hefty prices would exploit poor women by presenting them with an offer they couldn’t refuse”. For example, the donation of organs should be a non lucrative process; otherwise, selling organs would be almost similar to selling one’s self. Last but not least, interviews with some sterile couples show that they would opt with no hesitation for adoption rather than donation that they do not consider as a good alternative to choose. Indeed, Spilker who is a potential father asserted that “with adoption, neither one of the couple would be the child’s biological parent, while using a sperm donor would make him feel like a scorned husband”, according to an internet website.

Is egg donation a solution for these women who aspire to be pregnant one day? Giving that egg recipients are definitely not the biological mothers of the expected child since they undergo implantation of eggs, why don’t they consider adoption as a reasonable choice? There are millions of people suffering because some of their organs were affected! They are crying at the top of their lungs, on a daily basis, imploring God to help them recover one day, while others do not mind about selling their organs; on the contrary, they strongly believe that the money earned from that trade of organs is their source of wealth. Because we take things for granted, we are not conscious enough about their worth. Worst, we tend to forget that we are lucky to have them in our possession! Why don’t we thank God for these natural gifts that he delegated to us? Selling organs is one of the most inexcusable atrocities that a person could make, let alone selling human beings! Indeed, don’t you agree that selling your own child is a crime? The overwhelming majority of people believe that the trade of human beings doesn’t exist anymore since the abolition of slavery; however, it is poignant to remind that human being trade is still perpetual today! Advertising an egg for 50000 $ is similar to selling a fetus that is not yet developed. It is such deplorable that some people are becoming gradually materialistic and are even ready to sell themselves for money, while others are wasting a fortune to stay safe from external and hazardous diseases. To add, there are poor people who live in threat because of a particular disease that weakened one of their elemental organs. They are struggling on a daily basis so that they could preserve their health, knowing that they are not wealthy enough to provide safety to themselves! From a humanitarian view, we should look at these deprived people with a merciful eye so that we could realize that being fit is the indisputable source of wealth!

“Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other”, as stated by Joseph Addison. To say, all the money of the world could never worth our organs as well as our body! As long as people are alive, they have to preserve their body and take good care of it! Once they die, they could offer their organs if they are willing to do so. Indeed, the noble act is not when some people sell their organs thinking that it is a service they provide, but when they offer them for free after they die to save the life of the people who are in a dire need of these organs so that they could hope to survive!