Dimensions of Health - How Risky Behavior Can Affect Your Life

All of your dimensions of health intertwine in some kind of way. Unhealthy, risky behaviors can affect your life in a big way if you decide to participate in them. Everyone is responsible for their own decisions in life and when someone decides to engage in risky behaviors like, drinking alcohol, having unprotected sex, doing drugs and other risky behaviors, they are putting their life in danger as well as the people around them.

If you engage in risky behaviors your self esteem could lower because of the side effects of the action(s) you took. Example; A teenager and his friends are at a party and are having a few drinks. After knocking down 4 beers they decide the party is getting boring so they get in the car and drive to the park and chill out there. 5 minutes after leaving the party they get into a car accident. The driver lived but everyone in the car died on impact. A passenger in the other car also died later on that evening. He gets out of jail and has to report to an alcohol abuse group meeting every other Friday. His self esteem dropped and his amount of stress increased. He felt stupid for drinking and driving, and he felt stressed because he had to report to group meetings but his license was taken away by the court.

Stress is a big result of engaging in risky behaviors and almost everyone gets stressed at least once. If someone is stressed then it would most likely be very hard to accomplish goals in life. On the other hand if you accomplish a goal you will most likely bring your self esteem up because you will feel proud of yourself, and other people around you could feel proud as well. Then you will be more likely to engage in healthy behaviors to accomplish the same feeling of happiness.

If a persons physical health is bad then they are bound to feel bad about themselves which would bring their self esteem down. If their self esteem is brought down they are more likely blaming that feeling on the people around them that are a big component of their social health. When the people in their social life stop talking to them that person will probably try to cut off all of their connections to those people so they may even stop going to religious events like church or even stop going to the gym just to avoid seeing those people. By then they are stuck in the confinement of their own home they will big use for their home heating and cooling systems so they will contribute a lot more to global pollution. Sitting around the house for long periods of time will cause the person to become inactive and gain weight.

Maintaining a balanced diet is important to everyday life. Maintaining a balanced diet is important because, without a healthy diet our bodies would not be able to work at its fullest potential. We need vitamins to help strengthen our immune systems, give us energy and help digest foods properly. Different things we consume affect our bodies differently. When we consume carbohydrates it gives us energy for us to use throughout the day. Whenever we eat foods with high saturated fat content it raises our LDL’s (low density lipoproteins). In other words LDLs are bad proteins that contribute to heart disease and atherosclerosis. We also need electrolytes to balance out our bodily fluids such as urine. Without these important nutrients we could potentially develop diabetes. Gladly there are huge steps we can take in order to eat healthy:

Drink plenty of water. Drinking water not only hydrates you but it also regulates body temperature.
Eat fruits and vegetables. They taste good in different forms and they protect you against cancer, heart disease, and the effects of aging.
Limit your liquid calories. Don’t turn to the first thing you see in the fridge because usually the first thing you see is a nice crisp Coke or Pepsi.

Instead reach towards the back for cool refreshing bottle of Ice Mountain. By me saying drink water is not very specific. If you are physically active you should consume at least 64 ounces of water a day. I can wash my hands before and after handling food. I can handle food properly to begin with. If I eat a balanced diet I will have a tougher immune system. If I avoid sharing foods I am avoiding sharing a communicable disease. Avoid sharing foods kind of ties into not sharing eating utensils like forks and spoons. I can do all of these things in order to reduce my risk of becoming infected with a communicable disease.