Defeating Terrorism Essay

Defeating Terrorism Essay

I want to open this paper with a quote from one of the men I look up to the most as someone for just pure motivation in his words. A famous man once said “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both” this quote said by Dwight D. Eisenhower. The American people and the government in my opinion is losing a little bit in my opinion in what we stand for just a little and the right things to help countries that face terrorism with no chance to stand on its own two feet.

When you think of terrorist most people look to faraway lands and think of evil men and sometimes women and children that kill for their religions, personal goal’s or political aspects. Like I discussed in my last paper terrorism is real, the way it is portrayed to us as American citizens is “Exaggerated” sometimes chopped up and half-truth and half false reality to allow the government to get the approval of its people. Although terrorism is something that will never go away we can combat it so that hopefully one day it dissolves down to nothing. There are a couple of things I want to discuss in this paper. In my opinion people need to come to terms that terrorism and killing innocent people is not the answer to any problem. Something’s we need to consider helping stop the spread and constant involvement of terrorism within and outside the U.S boarders.

The first thing I want to talk about is the breeding grounds for future terrorist and what we need to do to combat it. My discussion board for this week in this class brought up of a point that has always brought question to this topic terrorism in prisons. Prisons in Europe and North America have been ripe areas for recruitment for years. ( Why would we as a nation or any nation allow a place that we use for punishment and rehabilitation influences those who would otherwise learn their lesson. Our country prides it’s self on being in control of the street out there in force stopping crime and protecting the innocent.

This all comes back to my quote that I started out with by Eisenhower we have built such a great prison system and a system to help those who need help to become productive member of society. We have learned that when you do something wrong that you go to jail that is just a principle we live by. But we cannot allow our prison systems to become a breeding ground for terrorist, future terrorist or terrorist to unite in a system we created to punish those who do wrong. The system we put into place is being used against us and it is being use effectively to terrorist meet in our prisons they recruit in our prisons and plot terrorist acts in our prisons. They are allowed to discuss their plans to blow up buildings were me you and everyone you know works and it is me and you that pay for them to eat 3 square meals a day to discuss it over.

We have a great prison system and it is effective sometimes the judicial system may fail but that is a different topic to discuss. Putting in a model to detect terrorist activity in our prisons should be at the top of our list on the fight against terrorism. Cause if we cannot and just think we can throw them all together so we can go on with our lives then the principle we are trying to put in place is not going to work and we look both. Another thing that I want to talk about is terrorist being able to come to our country and many other’s most our allies and able to exploit our government and make money to finance their false beliefs (my opinion). There have been many terrorist organizations that have come to our country and made money and in return financed terrorist organizations.

For instance he Hezbollah terrorist cell in North Carolina here is the name of the YouTube video you can watch and make you own opinion on how well terrorist organization are operating in the U.S.(WCNC: Hezbollah cell in Charlotte, NC ) We cannot allow terrorist to make profit of the country they hate so much. We have great programs in place to stop this I don’t think we need to change anything I believe we as a nation need to be more passionate
about what is happing in front of our face and lift the mask from out face. There is a website that I have found a list of knows terrorist cells operating within the United States and we have done nothing they are still here. (http// We sent out American fighting force to other countries to fight terrorism and we have so much of what we are fighting right here in our own country.

We have lived on the principle of just going on without lives like this does not exist and we have nothing to worry about. People know it is out there but so many people just take the little things in their lives for grated and do not know that tomorrow is not promised. Understandable that people just want peaceful lives and live their lives to the fullest but in the society we live in today we cant. So far I have talked about terrorist operating in our society and in our correctional institutions and being able to exploit our economy to finance their so call war on the enemy. Now I want to talk about education for the American people we as a society from kids in school to senior citizens in my opinion are all responsible for ensuring the safety of our country.

I believe that educating the American citizens on the know cells operating within the United States we need to put out information to allow society to know how to spot terrorist acts. I understand no terrorist act the same but a little bit of information might open the eyes of the American people. I do not believe the American people understand exactly what these types of people are possible of and the extents they will go to achieve their goals. We have become relaxed in the way we live our lives and don’t think something like terrorism can harm them or even interfere with our lives. The everyday privileges we are blessed with are taken for granted and the foundation we have built is being taken for granted.

We have to realize that we have a country that we love and freedoms that others would die for like our American fighting forces do every day. Another thing I think we should consider is stricter policies on letting people in the United States as Citizens. We allow many people to come over to our country like I have talked about earlier we allow too many people to exploit us as a country. We never take a second look at it because it does not impact us directly well most of us. We have to make sure not only us but our children and those we look will be directly affected by the things we take for granted.
To sum up all that I am saying is this we as a nation have to take a good look in the mirror every single one of us as American citizens and realize that times are hard people are going to kill to get what they want. We are the strongest nation in the world and we should not allow things of this nature to affect us as the greatest nation in the world. We take every day for granted and never look at the real picture we take the privileges we have in this great nation and don’t think about the principle we built to give us the privileges we love so much. So I will end this paper and leave you with this “How far we can go without destroying from within what we are trying to defend from without”. (Dwight D. Eisenhower)

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