The Daily Fight by Law Enforcement VS Racial Profiling - From a Law Enforcement Officers Point of View

The Daily Fight by Law Enforcement VS Racial Profiling - From a Law Enforcement Officers Point of View

During the course of this century, one of the most controversial topics of most if not all law enforcement agencies, has being the item of racial profiling. This item has being discussed in all kind of arenas, but according with most people, to include the press the one that bring the most unfair gladiators, its law enforcement specially the police.

Per definition racial profiling: Is the assumption of criminality among ethnic groups: the alleged policy of some police to attribute criminal intentions to members of some ethnic groups and to stop and question them in disproportionate numbers without probable cause. (Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.) As you read, by definition the implied words are directed as the action to police ethnic groups. We have to understand that the definition itself leave most, if not all professions, out of the question. If we read closely the above definition it’s very specific who it’s responsible for the action to police, it even mentions policy, attribution of criminal intent, it even goes beyond by mentioning, the stop and questioning in disproportionate numbers. However the most crucial subject in this definition is that it’s all done without probable cause.

If we asked this question: Who actually committees racial profile? Well we need to read and understand correctly, according to the Encarta World English Dictionary the North American Edition. The only professional who committees this disdainful act will be us, the police. If we take all government branches into consideration it’s the executive branch of government, the one that makes sure all laws of the United States are obeyed. The question should be who actually police all federal and state laws in this country? I guess at this point it’s when responsibilities are delegated. But in essence placing all law enforcement agencies under their wing of the executive branch, we can say, they could be responsible for all acts of racial profiling. Lets be real the executive branch can not be responsible for this, how can they be responsible for this non-sense of racial profiling. Well it’s not the executive branch it’s a combination of federal and state government and this will include us the police. The federal part of this problem and part of the executive branch will include the federal law enforcement agencies as ICE CBP, USBP who around the country they play an important part of the executive branch.

During the years as a Law Enforcement Officer I believed there is nothing wrong with criminal profile, but can we enforce laws without racial profiling? Well we can, we do this all the time, by profiling crime not race. We as police using the system of selective crimes and their enforcement, we can we targeted specific crimes. From speed enforcement, DUI enforcement, gang enforcement. This can include other crimes the ones done by specific groups as organize crime, gambling etc. Taking in consideration the complexity of most laws, and the elements to be found in each crime, we must select very carefully. Being selective as a police officer you must take in consideration several factors before and after the crime occurred, but again we must leave race aside.

During my years of service as an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer I have been trained to recognized and avoid the act of racial profiling. Even so I came to the conclusion that I always had this ability, the ability to identify when the situation was derived from racial profile. The fact that I am a Mexican of Hispanic descent, I personally have being the target and or victim of this loathsome act. Over the years I had witness the several types, from the innocent comment about your race or background. To include my ability to communicate there is been times you know the comments were made without effort or disdain, but sometimes you knew they were obscure and manipulated. These kinds of comments are the worse the one that leaves you under, behind or even out with no chance at all specially, the ones that come directly from the standard of ethnicity, Regardless of my opinion this controversial topic today has different critics and several opinions. We have to make something clear, all races can be victims of racial profiling not only Hispanics, Asians, Middle Eastern, African Americans, Caucasians, etc. Racial profiling it’s a factual and crude reality and it happens around the world every day.

Be that as it, we need to recognize and understand that the united States of America as leaders of civility in the world. We must fight to avoid the tag of racism, all agencies and professionals in the branch of law enforcement must follow the proper training. By doing this we can learn how to elude racial profiling as a type of enforcement.