Critical Thinking Essay on Success in College

Critical Thinking Essay on Success in College

I think the purpose of this assignment is to get myself to look at things, not only at my success in college but in all I do in life, from a different prospective. For the time I was born I was taught all sorts of things. Am I just repeating what I was taught or am I learning new ways to view this information. If I don’t question what I am taught or told I will never be able to reason out different variables that might come in to play.

We are all unique individuals with different goals, feelings, behaviors and we all view things differently at times. This assignment has given me the opportunity to explore and question what I am doing now and what I should or shouldn’t do in order to be successful in college. Can I now look at what I have learned and take it one step further and not only explain why I do the things I do but also question or resolve problems by looking at them from all angles instead of maybe only one. If I analyze and assess anything I do in life I will get a better look at the whole picture.

Life is not one sided, not my side, not your side. If I don’t think critically about things, ask questions, explore new options, then how can I ever say that actually learned something and felt confident in knowing that I had thoroughly explored all the facts and just didn’t except it as truth. One of the biggest questions I now have and have seemed to have a lot if times in my is, “What if?” I feel this simple question can change everything not only with this assignment but with everything I do in life. I can say I study in my room but just because I am in my room does not stop or prevent someone from coming in and interrupting me anyway. I might think a medical career is what I’ve always wanted to do, but will I feel the same once I finish school and actually get a job? Is the a point when you ask too many questions? Can you over use critical thinking? I understand getting all the facts, taking them apart and exploring each one will give me a better handle on what I am assessing but their will always be something that will change in most instances and then I would be right back to the beginning again.

The one idea or concept that stands out the most to me is my motivation to complete college or motivation in general. If I don’t the motivation to study, question what I read or hear, sort out what is fact or fiction, then how can I accomplish my goals in life. I can’t just go to school and expect to learn anything if I don’t put my all into it. This assignment was a step in that direction since it dealt with my thoughts, my feelings and my actions. I have always been motivated to help others with their problems, listen, share thoughts or ideas. This assignment has given me the opportunity to help myself. I was able to question my own actions by stepping out of the box and looking in. Another concept might be to take a look at how closely our thoughts, feelings, and actions actually interact with one another. Actions they say speak louder than words but behind our actions might me deeper thoughts and feelings not seen or heard to those around us.

My success in college depends on me and how I choose to handle any variables that I might encounter along the way. I can think them out critically and solve the issues or do nothing and all them to hinder my progress.

The information I gathered in reference to the 5 variables is as follows:

Study: I study best when alone and tend to repeat things in order to better grasp them better. I feel good when I pass an exam that I studied for. My study habits have room for improvement in regards to how much time I spend studying. The more I study the easier things would be instead of trying to cram it all in at the last minute. My totals for this were more effective in ways I view and express my study habits.

Motivation: I have a lot of motivation to complete school. Starting a new career is important to me. I lost a job after 27 years so motivation to move on and rebuild my life by completing school is very important to me. Attending all my classes and self-encouragement are two ways I use. My desire to return to school and anticipation on getting a new job keep me moving forward. I have all effective totals here and this seems to be an area that I have really thought out and explored and was secure in my decisions to return to school and make a better life for myself.

Career Selection: I have always wanted to go into the medical field since graduating from high school. This field of study holds a lot of opportunities. I have learned many things at home since I am the sole care giver for an ill parent and these things will only enhance what I will learn while preparing for a career as a Medical Assistant. I have all effective totals here as I have thought this out for some time too. There are a few things that I might also be interested in but the medical field has always been my number one choice.

Family responsibilities and support: This area leaves a lot of room for improvement if I am to be successful in college. While my brother and sister are very supportive and encourage me in my decision to return to college....I am not getting the same response at home from my son and mother. I feel they sometimes think their needs should to come first over my studies. I feel frustrated many times in trying to find the balance between school and home life. Solving these issues will be essential to how I do in school. I struggle on whose demands need to come first and then if I choose my own, I deal with guilty feelings for putting their demands aside. I know that I have to put my studies first and deal with other solutions in order to be successful in college
though. I have the most ineffective for this variable. I have a lot of conflicts here that need to be thought out and resolved.

Support from instructors: I have received a lot of support from my instructors. I have expressed my fears about returning to school after so many years and have been given positive encouragement on my decision to come back. I have asked counselors many questions regarding my career choice and they have helped a lot. I don’t always feel confident asking others for help and by feeling this way I could lose out on valuable information. I have more effective in this area with room to improve on my own self-esteem.

A few assumptions related to my success in college would be that routine study habits will improve my understanding new information I learn. To motivate myself I can relate to past experiences where I have drove myself to succeed and felt the satisfaction in my accomplishments. Choosing a career I have always felt deeply about or interested in will add to my success. Family support will benefit your success and help from your instructors and
counselors will prove to be very useful.

Implications that I could see arising if I don’t spend more quality time studying is that I will not succeed in college. Not allowing myself the time to study and call my own time only leads to feelings of frustration and becoming overwhelmed. If I don’t ask for help I am only hurting myself when it comes to what I actually want to get out of college. The need to put myself first at times will be essential if I want to say I did everything to make this work.

My point of view on this whole assignment involving critical thinking and my success in college is that it has really caused me to take an in depth look at things I would normally just take for granted. I can honestly say I have never spent this much time analyzing how to be successful in school but I can also say that had I not read just exactly what critical thinking is trying to teach I don’t think I would have considered all the variables or maybe even questioned why I do or think certain things. To say that I am now a bit more aware of the obstacles I have to overcome would be true. To say that I have figured out all the answers would be false. I might question then how can I say I know what critical thinking is if I don’t have the answers to my own
questions. Did I not analyze and access my own information? Well like I said before, one could analyze everything before them and one thing could change which might cause you to change you whole outlook on things. That is exactly what happened to me today. I finished this paper and was just going over the rough draft. The two variables I struggle support and my own study time were on the line. The options to isolate myself and giving myself plenty of time to complete my work were not the answer. I am typing this paper over at my brother’s house. So from what I have read about critical thinking I have made the full circle and now am back to purpose again to start over with a new set of variables but hopefully more incite on how to solve my issues.