Contributors Who Influenced my Childhood

Influence on my Childhood

The childhood is an important step for everyone, and it’s in this part of life that we learn the basics of life. Certainly, this step is very sensitive, where a lot of contributors influence it, yet an influence which can be positive or harmful. Personally, I've recognized too many individuals other than my parent's who let me know certain major experiences. Most of them are my classmates. I chose this element because I share with them too many parts of my life and my thinking, and vise versa. Seen that we were naive, and the most of us innocent, we shared each others feelings and several way of what we learned, what we saw and what we heard from our parents.

I don’t deny the fact that my parents played a weighty role in my life, but there are other things which maybe a parent can't instill it in the education of his child. For example: the insult. I have never imagined that one day my parent will teach me how to offend some one with bad words. Admittedly, I’m against this habit, due to the criteria of respect to others, but I won't admit to be ignorant to one of the more used linguistic codes in a society. That’s why I thank my classmates for this. This is firstly.

Secondly, I could realize my nature through that of my classmates. Thanks to them I understood what does the agressivity, kindness, lie, violence, slyness and others aspects means. Indeed, this dealing also let me know several angles of human being, which is fundamental. In addition to that, my classmates were from different nationality, especially from France and Spain with different cultures, believes and accents. Knowing that I’m Muslim, I was obliged to do what God order me to do as fasting at Ramadan, praying.... However, it was difficult for me because of my daily frequentation, which more of them don't have the same believes. Undoubtedly, it wasn't an excuse to give up my religion, but the process to get used to it was slow due to this interaction of several cultures.

Finally, what I can say about the process of education is that our life can't advance if there is no interconnectivity of experiences, believes, educations. Yes, my parents have played a fundamental role to educate me, to instill in me their knowledge about life, however it's still not enough, because the rest had to be done by my own discoveries. Thereby, I have to admit that despite all bad things that I discovered tried, heard, seen and touched , I’m proud of my self today because, thanks to my classmates, I finally know the true value of good things.