The Contemporary Japanese Mother-Child Relationship in the Movie Confessions

The Contemporary Japanese Mother-Child Relationship in the Movie Confessions

“Confessions” is a movie that does not sell bloody to attract audience, it is a complaint that the problems of teenagers and family education in Japan. Many times we usually charge upon teenager’s own problems about teenager crime, but parents also need be responsible for these problem. In the movie, there are two students who killed their teacher’s daughter both are low self-respect and not got others accepted. Although those students’ crime is hateful, it is not sure turn out the problematic behaviors if they are not growth the up under the not health family. Children who have problems in mindsand behavior could not be growth in a short time, it must be suffer unmerited influence and educate. In the movie, there are three different types relationships between mother and children, and also reflect there appear three kinds of extreme education mode under pressure of modern society.

Parents excessively keep to Japanese traditional education mode could cause children cannot get love in their grow up. In Japanese traditional education system, if parents want their children are miserable, parents could bought anything to that their children. Because it could cause children lose endeavor, patience and self-control ability. If parents really want their children be better, they need pay more attention on their children and give their love to children as much as they can, rather than spend money on their children. Moriguchi Yuuko is a woman who like follow principle. She was with a male teacher fell in love and had a daughter, Moriguchi Manami. Moriguchi Yuuko decides not to marry with Sakuranomiya Masayoshi for their daughter, because Sakuranomiya Masayoshi is patient with AISD. According to Japanese traditional family values and educational value, when children got married, they must be solve any problem by themselves, especially raise a child, they have to do personally and their parents not excessive intervention. Because Moriguchi Yuuko is a single mother, she has to work for her daughter. She already felt guilty to her daughter, so Moriguchi Yuuko will put her whole love to her daughter. However, Moriguchi Yuuko wants to educate her daughter become an excellent person that has self-sustaining ability, anti-setback volition and not spoiled according to Japanese family custom. Even her daughter asked her bought a little rabbit wallet, but Moriguchi Yuuko was refused. For this chance that Moriguchi Yuuko and her daughter are not happy was catch by Watanabu Shyuuya. In addition, because teacher’s work and other reason, Moriguchi Yuuko had to let her daughter wait her until her meeting over. Watanabu Shyuuya plan to kill Moriguchi Manami in order to finish her goals that want to be conspicuous. Moriguchi Yuuko is very love and feels guilty to her daughter all the time. For example, “Manami was gone, and I cannot hold her little hands anymore.” And she was lose control and cry out loud, when she received a candy from strange boy and walk away from restaurant. But she excessively follow traditional educational mode so that lose her children.

Excessively spoil children would cause children become be spoiled, cannot accept fail and frustration. According to Japanese education mode, Japanese families pay attention on children’s anti-frustration education. In Japan, if children were tumble, parent could not raise their children to their feet, opposite they would encourage their children was stand up by themselves. For teenagers, if they suffer some trouble, their parents would be encouraging them to overcome the difficulty. For Shimomura Naoki’s family, his father always does work outside and his sister went to university at Tokyo. Moreover according to Japanese traditional family value, Shimomura Yuuko has to bring her son up alone, so it causes a fake situation of single parent family. But because Shimomura Yuuko is excessively close with her son and shape a doting educational mode so that cause children become eyeless confidence that consider themselves can be do anything and despise others. But the fact is contrary to his expectations that he is not good enough in his impression. After he violate school rule and the teacher was not Moriguchi Yuuko who would take him out from police station, Shimomura Naoki’s personality had changed from eyeless confidence to autism and be self-abased. He deliberately throws Moriguchi Manami in swimming pool cause her dead because his pride was hurt by Watanabu Shyuuya’s taunt. And then, Moriguchi Yuuko went to Shimomura Naoki’s home do family visit, Shimomura Yuuko was not surprised by her son killed people, opposite she was felt sad because this event happened on her son, and always protected and seek pretext for her son, even she shift the blame to teacher’s shoulder. When Shimomura Naoki’ known he was infected with AISD, he appeared behavior and mentally problems, such as refuse to go to school, refuse see other people, refuse communicate with family and close his world to conceal the fact. However, according to Japanese traditional family behavior, children cannot lock the door of his private room. Moreover his mother was not willing to seek for external assistance, because she loves her son excessively, she willing to cooperate with his son’s sick behavior so that cause a tragic ending and finish Moriguchi Yuuko’s revenge.

Excessively extremes educational mode so that children have a wrong understanding on any events, and cause children has an unsound value. Watanabu Shyuuya’s mother is a professor, but she was married with a man that she did not love, and had a baby Watanabu Shyuuya. His mother give up her study and put her all hope on her son, so she disciplining or punishing her son from childhood. But he cannot meet her mother’s require, and there are married problem between his mother and father, thus his mother put him away. It is a huge hurt to little Watanabu Shyuuya. The reason why he want to be conspicuous, he cannot meet his mother’s require cause his mother leave. In order to find chance to let his mother back, he is hardworking and has excellent grade, moreover he participate in middle school scientific exhibition, establish himself website and leave words in his mother’s university website, but all of that cannot attract people’s eyes. In addition he was affect by Luna event, so he change the orientation that to be conspicuous from positive to negative in order to can see his mother again, and he plotted a plan that kill Moriguchi Manami plan. However, after Moriguchi Yuuko’s daughter was gone, she utilized Watanabu Shyuuya’s weakness about Oedipus complex to inveigle him went to his mother’s office so that he was upset by his mother that already forgot him. And then Watanabu Shyuuya wanted to use bomb to kill all people in auditorium. But the bomb already had been moved to his mother’s office, when Watanabu Shyuuya wanted to launch the burst. So Watanabu Shyuuya killed his mother and finished Moriguchi Yuuko’s revenge. In this case, Watanabu Shyuuya’s mother used a wrong and excessively extremes educational mode to educate him so that cause hurt both sides and a tragic ending.

In conclusion, “Confessions” reflect a fact that people just find surface problems and not explore its more profound reason. The movie wanted to let people know not only the image and stimulate from movie, but also introspection of social problems about educational system, law, family, value and life.