Choosing a Career: Dental Assisting

Choosing a Career: Dental Assisting

My dream career is being a dental assistant. Dental assistants work with the public, which means that they are always helping people. Without dental assistants then people would have rotting and decaying teeth. The dental assistant has many tasks that they have to do in one day. Some of the tasks that they have to do are hard and some of the tasks are easy. But it all depends on what kind of assistant they are. There are three types of assistant’s secretary, rotating, and clinical all of these assistants do different things.

The dental assistant has many according to onet some of the tasks that they have to do is ”making impressions of the patient’s mouth, provide postoperative instructions prescribed by the dentist, record treatment information in patient records, expose dental diagnostics x-rays, take and record medical and dental histories and vital signs of patients, instruct patients in oral hygiene and plaque control programs, clean and polish removable appliances, order and monitor dental supplies and equipment inventory, prepare patient, sterilize or disinfect instruments, set up instrument trays, prepare materials, or assisting dentist during procedures.” And according to iseek and bls these are just some of the tasks that the dental assistant do on a everyday basis. “making sure the patients mouth dry with HVE and the saliva ejector, send bills, receive payments, schedule and confirm appointments, this is something that the expanded functions dental assistant is make temporary crowns not all assistants can do this job, and dental assistants insure that the patient is comfortable in the dental chair as much as possible.” As you can see this is just some of the jobs that the dental assistant has to do every day. If the assistant does not do theses then the dentist cannot do his job or will be taking forever to get each patient in to see him. This is why there is dental assistants they do all of these jobs for the dentist.

Some of the education you need according to medical career site is “you need to know some computer knowledge (because sometimes you will have to type information onto the computer and you want to do this as fast as possible so you can get back to work), get a credential from CDA and must pass written exam, you can have some college but you don’t need a degree, you need to know medicine and dentistry, English language, and customer service,” Some of these classes you should take in high school. The qualifications according to I seek, medical career site, and BLS are “you have to work at one job as a dental assistant for at least two years because if you can keep the job then you know what you are doing. Reliable and work well with others, have good hygiene.” You can go to college for at least two years and became and EFDA which is an assistant that can do everything a normal assistant does plus more as the state allows them to. Some dental offices have EFDAs because it makes the dentist’s job a lot easier.

Some of the skills that you need to know in order to become a dental assistants are “Speaking, active listening, reading, critical thinking, monitoring, caring for others, communicating with peers, working with the public, getting information, organizing,” these are some of things that you have to be good at according to onet. Most of these skill deal with working well with people, you are working with the public so you have to be good with people. Some of the tools that dental assistants’ uses are dental forceps, pliers, sterilizers, hand pliers, air and water syringe.” These are the tools that dental assistants use to do their job they use many more things but this is just a few of them.

The employment outlook of a dental assistant “in the US is expected to grow 35.7%., and dental assistants are continued to be needed.” according BLS. This is a high increase. The wages of a dental assistant from BLS “are based on the training and the experience that you get” on average dental assistants make “$16.09 per hour that’s at least $33,470 a year” (BLS). Some dental assistants make more and some of them make less it all depends on the training that you get.