British Naval Power - Lifeline of British World Supremacy and Colonial Empire

First of all, British naval power was the lifeline of British world supremacy and colonial empire . It is because it represents their status in Europe and how strong they are in Europe. Also they want to show that they have a very strong industry and naval, no one can challenge their no.1 position in Europe. They want to show other countries that they are the no.1 in the Europe, they are super . Therefore the British navy was the lifeline of them, without the lifeline, the British Empire will collapse. Secondly, because Germany is a young and growing empire and by the time passes, they are getting stringer and stronger, they had already had the strongest army in continental Europe. It is because the success of Prussia war in the France-Prussia war showed to Europe the military power of Prussia and the unified Germany subsequently .The Germany unification makes Germany bigger and stronger. Therefore by the late of 19th century, Germany had already had the strongest land power in Europe. And now they wanted to build a strong navy which is challenging Britain. They continue by expending their navy and this was certain threatening to all European nations, especially Britain. They also want to be the no.1 position and be the strongest empire in Europe, so they wanted to build a strong navy.

So the basic ingredients for an Ango-Germnay rivalry were already present. Further more , The Germany’s World Policy was consider to anti British . It is because they said that they are a young and growing empire, they want to expend their empire, so their need to expend their military power which include the fleet. They said that although their navy is menace to England, they don’t care about it . Besides, in order to protect their commerce and manifold interests in the sea , they need to have a powerful fleet ,but actually it is an excuse that they can let them to expend their navy. Although they know that if they do so for their expansion plan is threaten Britain, They don’t care, they want to be the head in the Europe, they wan to control all the countries, they wan to challenge England no.1 position, as a result their World Policy was consider anti-British . Also, Germany planned to de-establish Britain’s Two-power Standard so that Britain would be force to agree to Germany‘s continental dominance .

Germany wanted to let Britain agree their continental dominance, the only way was to become stronger and powerful empire that same as Britain. So they expend their country .On the other hand , Britain tried to build more “dreadnoughts” so as to shut out Germany and it exacerbated the arms race already in place . It is Because Britain doesn’t want Germany to challenge their no.1 position in Europe and also they had a world Empire in Europe, through this armament race, they want to use this chance to kick out Germany. Besides, the naval race already was a symptom of mutual mistrust and had dangerous consequences. It is because in the 20 th century most countries regarded military action as the best way to maintain national interests, and military power an important indicator of national strength. As international relationship become tense, they began to increase their military and navies and improve the quality of their weapons.

The competition between Germany and British was particularly force. The armaments race, however did not give their powers a stronger sense of security. On the contrary, it only made their situation tenser, creating a “war fever” between them. And this increases the possibility of the outbreak of war. Further more; Britain joined the Triple Entente to encircle Germany and at the same time Germany tightened their alliance with Austria-Hungary. It is because after the Franco-Prussian War , Germany achieved its unification , while France lost Alsace-Lorraine and paid a huge indemnity . This created a strong desire for revenge among France. Therefore, in order to avoid their revenge, they immediately form alliance with .Austria-Hungary and Russia,. It is to isolate France. But because of the armament race between Germany and Britain, their relationship become tense an poor, as a result Britain join the Triple Entente with France and Russia, in order to anti Germany. At the same time in order for preparing for the future war and afraid France would have a chance to pay revenge on them , they immediately tightened their alliance with Austria-Hungary and form the Triple Alliance with Italy ,so that someone can help them and for the future world war. .Next, Germany planned a preventive war to attack first so as not to be bogged down by a two-front war . It is because they afraid that if when they fight a war in eastern Europe , some eastern Europe countries such as France , Britain will suddenly attack them , vise versa .As a result , they immediately fight France first and immediately fight with Russia , so that they will not bogged by two-front war .

Finally, Anglo-Germany naval rivalry was an essential trigger leading to WW1. It is because in the 20th century, the relationship between each country is tense; they think that to expend their military is the best way to solve the problems among them. As a result they start the armaments race. Especially the Anglo-German naval rivalry was particularly fierce, as Germany want to expend their empire in Europe, so they start to expend their military including navy, at the same time Britain think that Germany is ac threat for them and they seems to challenge their world empire and no.1 position in Europe, so they also expend their navy, this led the situation become nervous and tense, it creating a “a war fever “in Europe countries, don’t know when it will broke out. Every country was felt so nervous about that and they all were well prepared about the World War. In conclusion, Anglo-German navy rivalry was an importance cause in leading to the First World War.