Black Maria Film Festival Essay - Collection of Short Films

Black Maria Film Festival Essay

The Black Maria Film Festival is a collection of short films which possess a unique, inventive, and insightful aspect. Each presentation in the tour is different and the selection of films is chosen for the specific city and audience (Website). Each film has a storyline which may only be interesting to some people. The Fond du Lac festival had six films that included celebrity impersonators, French film captions, animation, environmental topics, or space features. The other five films consisted of documentary, sketched drawing background, toys as characters in the storyline, or superstitious behavior. A person can evaluate the films to decide the quality of the festival by analyzing the characteristics of specific films, examine the audience, and observe the differences with full length feature films. The Black Maria Film Festival was interesting, but two of the films were odd and difficult to understand until the end of the film.

The Black Maria Film Festival consisted of two unique and interesting films, based on famous celebrities and a historical event. “Just About Famous” was a short film that informed the audience about celebrity impersonators. In the film, there was a convention held in Los Angeles where different impersonators come together to meet each other and regular people. A celebrity impersonator is someone who looks like, talks, and acts like the famous celebrity. The impersonators shown in the film included movie actors/actresses, television stars, musical performers, and political people. Robert Deniro, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Elvis, Britney Spears, George W. Bush, and Sarah Palin were some of the celebrities who had impersonators in the film. “Sputnik 5” was an animated short film that described a historical trip in space, which had talking dogs, big rats, lots of mice, and an animated spider aboard the spacecraft. The rats were talking about Soviet communists which indicated that the spacecraft was Russian. There was a small part where the mice start dancing to the famous music from the ballet Swan Lake. Sputnik 5 launched on August 19, 1960 and landed the next day.

The Black Maria Film Festival would be more appealing to individuals who range from young adult to middle aged, due to the content shown in most of the films. However, most adults would not be interested in watching animated films at a professional festival. The content of the short films is too advanced and not appropriate for children, while senior citizens might be offended by some of the material. The audience would be Caucasians who live in the United States, Canada, and Europe, since the filmmakers come from those areas. Of the eleven movies, only one featured African Americans, while none of the films included Hispanic actors.

A full length feature film would be more popular with all ages of people because you can choose what genre of movie to see. A short film festival has disadvantages because the length of each film usually runs from 1.50 minutes to 20 minutes, the variety of the content in each film, and sometimes the weird actions of the characters in a scene. A full length film offers you a bigger picture, louder volume, more excitement in the scenes, and the opportunity to enjoy popcorn, soda, and candy. A full length film keeps your attention for every minute regardless of the genre you choose. A short film festival may show clips that certain types of people might consider boring or uninspired.