Art through the Ages - Discussing the Emotion of Love in the Painting The First Kiss by Adolphe-William Bouguereau, the Song Love by Musique Soulchild and the Poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

Art through the Ages - Discussing the Emotion of Love in the Painting The First Kiss by Adolphe-William Bouguereau, the Song Love by Musique Soulchild and the Poem Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

Love is an emotion that most all people feel in their lifetime. Love is a strong but is also a fragile emotion. Love is also a very natural emotion, as shown in the painting, poem, and song that will be discussed. Most people cannot help but to love. Whether the love is shared between two people; man and wife, mother and child, or sister and brother there are still a natural bond that people share. In this passage, love and emotions will be shared by comparing the similarities and differences between three very different but similar emotions of love: a painting, a song, and a poem. This paper will also show how the term love has evolved through the years and what it stand for today.

The theme love is expressed in the painting “The First Kiss" by Adolphe-William Bouguereau because you immediately notice two winged cherubs, and everyone associates cherubs with Cupid, the god of love in Roman mythology.

The song “Love” by Musique Soulchild is a beautiful song about a man and his love for God. He is totally devoted to living his life for him no matter what, as he mentions in the lyrics several times. In the song he is telling God that although others take him for granted, and “take his name in vain,” he will not lose his faith and love for him. (Musiq Soulchild 2002-2007)

The poem “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe is a hauntingly beautiful poem about a man’s undying love for his wife. Annabel dies and he believes she was taken from him by the angels in heaven because they were jealous of their love for each other.

All three pieces pertain to love, but there are some differences. The painting is simply a picture, and because there are no words for the person looking at it has to come to his or her own conclusion about what it is portraying. One can assume it is about love because of the winged cherubs, who are normally associated with love.

The song is entitled “Love,” so one knows automatically what it is about. The type of love however, is not a romantic love, but a spiritual love that someone feels for God. This type of love gives someone a profound sense of peace. The poem is about romantic love, and the strong emotions associated with losing someone very close to someone. In the last part of the poem, one can almost conclude that he kills himself to be with her, because he mentions that he lies by her side in her tomb by the sounding sea.

What is love? Love has different types of meaning. In discussing this paper; people will be able to see the different types of meaning to love. Love is a showing affection for other people. Love also has another meaning that means sexual intercourse. In the world today people have both types of love. The most important type of love is showing affection. People understand love better when they see the affection that is being shown. Love is a very meaningful word and when a person says that they love someone that need to mean it and also show it.

A painting called First Kiss, a song called Love, and a poem called Annabel Lee. Love is always shared between different people who care and really like each other. Annabel Lee and First Kiss is the sub-theme for Love in this paper. Musiq Soulchild Love song has the same Theme as the Theme being discussed. Annabel Lee and the painting the First Kiss was written in the 19th century and the song Love was written in the 20th century. They have the word Love within their work but different meanings of how they are showing their Love. Annabel Lee is a poem that was written to tell about the Love that two people had for each other. Annabel Lee was about loving people and people loving her. In this poem, it states about how heaven brought them together to express their love for each other. They had so much love for each other that their love was “more than love (Poe).” They loved each other so much that Annabel Lee was taking away from him. After she passed away he laid by her tomb to still show how much he really

The First Kiss is a painting of a boy and a girl. The little boy and girl both have wings on and the little boy is hugging the little girl. In the painting the boy is kissing the little girl on the cheek to show her how much he loves her. In the song Love it describes the meaning of the word Love. It states about how people are afraid to say the word love because they do not want to get hurt. In this song Musiq is using the word love as if it is a person and he want to tell them how much he loves them. He also states that if he uses the word love then he would be looked at differently. The song Love states how people are afraid to use the word love but when they use the word love they realize how important love is to them. (Musiq SoulChild 2002-2007)

Musiq wrote this song to let everyone know that they should not be afraid to say the word love because it is a word that everyone need for themselves. If a person does not love themselves then they cannot love another person. People have to love themselves first before they can love someone else.

As the team has already discussed, the word love encompasses many different meanings; it can relate to expressing different emotions and experiences; love can also refer to one’s attitude or liking towards a person or a pleasure. For example, people can say they love their family, friends, husbands, and wives, or they can also say they love food, their house, and job. Whatever the object of affection might be, it is easy for a person to demonstrate that love in many different ways.

As mentioned before, the theme this team has chosen is represented by the poem Annabel Lee, the painting First Kiss, and the song Love. What makes this theme compelling to be expressed in diverse media such as the ones chosen in this paper, is the fact that love allows people to show all types of emotion and in ways that do not necessarily have to meet other people’s standards. Love can be expressed with two or three simple words written on a piece of paper; with a drawing that comes deep from the heart; or with a phrase from a song that suits perfectly with the message the person is trying to convey. Love can be expressed in diverse media because it is a symbol of peace; love is a strong element of everyday life and is what allows people to continue to strive to become more tolerant and forgiving of each other.

From the three pieces of art presented in this paper, the team believes that the theme love is most successfully communicated in the song “Love” by Musiq Soulchild. Both the painting and poem are beautiful pieces that would definitely catch someone’s attention but one would need to have a profound sense of appreciation for poems to be able to identify the meaning of a poem. The painting is an important visual aid; at first sight, a person can determine the meaning the artist was trying to reflect. The song does a better job representing the themes because one can listen to the artist sing it and is accompanied by music, which gives the lyrics a more powerful meaning. Although the song is mainly referring to a love between man and God, it can easily be used to express love for someone else. The song “Love, “is a perfect example how love is expressed differently from the past. Love is shown with great emotions these days. The art of music is used to today to show love in different meanings.

In conclusion, each piece of art that has been analyzed shows the different ways love can be expressed. These dissimilar forms of art share one thing in common which is love. The painting, The First Kiss by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, is expressed as a naturally beautiful emotion that can be shared between two people. The song titled Love by Mosiq Soulchild expresses love spiritually for God. Love comes in different forms to be expressed. Finally, with the poem, by Edgar Allan Poe, “Annabel Lee show how the man has undying love and affection for his wife. In each case the contemporary art forms share love in a distinctive ways. Love is not just something that has to be shared between a man and women. It is no rules that say you have to love certain things. Love goes on forever.

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