Analysis of A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily Analysis

Have you ever wanted something so bad you would do anything to get it? No matter how crazy it sounded to everyone else you were going get what you wanted. Miss Emily did this very thing, she wanted happiness and she was going to get it no matter what. There are many themes to this story, I'm going to tell you three themes and what three different things make it. How social status and make you or break you and setting effects this, every rose has it thorns and homer effects this, and sometimes you have to let go because if you don't things might not go well and her dad effects this.

One major way that helps with the theme is the setting. The setting is a southern town in the late 1800's and early 1900's. At this time social status was very important everywhere, but especially in the south. They put Miss Emily so high on a pedestal because of her name. Her dad always controlled her with everything she did and no man was ever good enough for her. All these things made her stuck up and eventually drove her insane. Once her dad died there was no one to control her. She went downhill from there, she got fat, ugly, and just lost control of everything. But, because of her name they still respected her and looked up to her. Social status can make you or destroy you. In Miss Emily's case it destroyed her.

Another theme in this story is every rose has its thorn. In this case the rose is that after her dads dies she finally get her happiness. She has no one to control her, she's free. Her thorn ends up being Homer, who she thinks is her key to happiness. Homer ends up being gay, but he leads her on, and when she finds put he's gay she decides that no matter what she was going to have her happiness. So she kills Homer and sleeps with him. This way she gets control over something for the first time in her life, and in her head she gets her happiness.

Sometimes you need to let you because if you don’t things might take a turn for the worse. Miss Emily's dad controlled her form the day she was born to the day he died. He never let her out of his sights. She couldn’t do anything without him watching over her. No man was ever good enough for her. Her dad controlling her did no help to her at all. She had no work ethic. Her dad made her think they were rich, but when he died he left her only the house, no money. This made her think she had money so she was stuck up and she went around with tarnished gold items. Since no man was ever good enough for her, she never had a boyfriend. So when her dad was gone and she had a chance to get a man she got one. Homer Barron was the man, a northern working class Yankee. This was below her, but she didn’t care because he was a man and she could have him. He lead her on, till eventually she found out he was gay. That didn’t matter he was a man, her only chance at happiness and she was going to get him. So she killed him and slept with him because there was finally something that she had control over. Now if in the beginning her dad would've let go and let her live her life; all this may not have happened. If he wouldn’t have dictated her life everything would've been different.

There are many themes to this story. I focused on three main ones social status can help build you or tell you down, every rose has its thorn, and sometimes you just simply have to let go because if you don’t things may not turn out the way you want them too. Also how specific things contribute to them like setting and characters. Miss Emily wanted happiness, and in the end she got what she wanted. It came at a big price, Homers life. Was it worth it? To her anything was worth happiness to her, she wanted a man and she got what she wanted.