Advertisement or Art

Ad or Art

The number of times the average person is assaulted by advertisement within the average day, it is fair to say that we are more likely to spend more accumulated hours watching, or reading ads then we are likely to spending reading literature or browsing other canons. With the sheer amounts we see of these ads we should consider if these accumulated images or messages have any value or even if these ads can be considered as text to some degree.

If we consider text the use of symbols to convey a thought or emotion then ads or images are just as much text as it wordier counterpart. With ads we usually have one central image or symbol with words or actions expressing what the creators are trying to express. If we were to take the condom brand Trojan Man packaging as an ad the central image being a Greek style head and helmet, we can assume that the image of the Greek who are generally symbolized with strength the image itself expresses strength both in classic works and in recent films and assume that this is a quality the marketing team is try to lend to the condom brand. Underneath the helmet we see the word Trojan with current movies and the existing stories of the Trojan War, and of Helen of Troy so the Trojan can be related to pursued beauty with these two traits the ad gives the image of strength perusing and capturing beauty. Seeing that we have symbols like the Greek in helmet and we have message being conveyed we can consider this ad as a text.

In the ad we see a woman presumable in her late twenties to early thirties fearing about the accumulation of age lines, wrinkles, etc. As the ad is about youthful appearance her face is the prominent image of the ad, with the border dividing her face. The border which can be used primarily to make the text that appears more discernable it also has the effect of caused by the colour makes it appear as if she is slightly older. The colour of the border makes her features vaguer such as her cupid’s bow, the colour chosen acts on her face in such a way as though she has had several Botox treatments make her appearance seem less natural. When our attention is drawn to the text and what the text is out lining our eyes are drawn to the points that the ad wants us to look at it, possibly scrutinizing it more then we casually would make them see to stand out even more.

The ad in question is trying to sell presumably to the female portion based on who they used for their central image the idea that they can use certain products to keep age at bay without the use of expensive and often times dangerous surgical procedures. From this and perhaps the existence of the products to begin with we can assume that the creators believe that a large portion of society are fixated on staving of aging, which by in large is not a very feasible idea when taken and looked at in perspective. Another perspective we can gleam from the articles is that they believe that person happiness or perhaps self esteem is based on how old we appear to be when by in large aging is a natural part of existence and by this point there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

With the amount of ads in day to day life they are quite possible the most read or watched form of text, possibly more so then its counter parts in a commercial society it is almost impossible to find an area not littered with ads. As such ads need to be considered for what they are and the simple fact that they convey meaning counts them as text.