3D Filmmaking - Fad or Future

3D Filmmaking: Fad or the Future?

Kevin Maher started with a prediction made by Jeffrey Katzenberg at Cine-Expo back in year 2007, which prediction the arrival of 3D movie and revolution of current movie industry. In his prediction, he explained arrival of 3D movie age could be new engine for movie industry and brought incredible amount of revenue to firms that involved in 3D movie making progress. The author then leaped forward three years to year 2009. In this part he analyzed success of James Cameron’s 3D film Avatar and changes brought by this movie. The author then pointed out some shortcoming of 3D movies such as only certain films were being made in 3D, and some shortsighted movie producers tried to take shortcut by converting films that were originally shot in 2D to “less-than-perfect” 3D films through digital technology. These actions devalued the 3D film and endangered 3D movie industries. At the end of the article, the author concludes that the argument is still unsettled for now and listed some of upcoming big 3D movie titles by famous directors such as Steven Spielberg, Scorsese. Especially Scorsese’s new artistic movie Hugo Cabret, it may bring 3D filmmaking to new film types.

My Reactions

The analysis and conclusion made by the author are comprehensive and precise, as a movie lover, I totally agreed with him in every aspect. Indeed the 3D film is the future for movies, but at this moment, almost all of 3D movies released in theater are actions movie and the purpose of it is to bring visual impact to viewers. This makes 3D film looked like a fad other than future, but I believe the future of 3D films doesn’t ended in here, there is great potential in 3D in other film types as well, and I am very excited about Scorsese’s new artistic movie Hugo Cabret, and hope it can bring 3D film making to a new beginning.

Lists of Key Information
3D film making is the future of movie industry in mind of some media giants.
3D film Avatar brought success to 3D film making and made incredible amount of revenues.
3D film making is limited to certain films but making its way to new film types.
“less-than-perfect” 3D films are poisoning future of 3D films.
New 3D movie titles that will be released soon.
The future of 3D filming making is undetermined at this moment.