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English and Writing

Useful Phrases for an Essay - From French to English

Useful Phrases for an Essay - From French to English

Tout le monde s’accorde à penser que…… Everyone agrees that….

Il convient donc d’examiner….. so we should examine……

Il est bien connu que…. It is well known that….

La question est de savoir si….. The question is to whether…..

Nous vivons dans un monde où… We live in a world in which….

Un problème souvent évoqué est celui de…. A much discussed problem is that of….

L’histoire nous fournit de monbreux exemples de.. History provides us with countless examples of ….

Cette question est depuis longtemps au coeur du débat sur…. This question has long been at the heart of the debate on….

Developing arguments:
Prenons comme point de départ…. Let’s take as a starting point…..

Il serait utile d’examiner… It would be useful to examine…..

Il est significatif que………soit….. It is significant that………is…..

Guidelines and Feedback on How to Write a Good Essay

Guidelines and Feedback on How to Write a Good Essay

1. Read the Question very Carefully
Do not begin work on an assignment before you are sure that you understand the question. If there are any words you do not know, refer to the dictionary.

2. Plan your Essay Carefully
You cannot hope to write an organized essay unless you have planned it in advance. A properly planned essay should contain introduction, main body and conclusion. All three parts are essential. If any of them is missing, the quality of your paper declines.

An introduction should set out the problem and how you intend to answer it. In your introduction, you should:
a) define key terms
b) define what you will do and how you will go about answering the question

The main body of your assignment should be a thorough examination of the question with the purpose of convincing readers that your arguments are sound. Your discussion, therefore, should always be backed up by a careful selection of historical data (statistics, quotes, figures etc.). Please remember:
a) each paragraph should be built around one central idea

Linguistic Globalization

Linguistic Globalization

Terms such as globalization, free trade, capital flow and so-called single world culture are frequently used in our contemporary society and raise controversial issues. Economically, most countries benefit significantly from the implementation of a single trade market, but culturally; we might be in danger of losing our individuality as a nation. If this is what the future holds and if this is the right approach, it is possible that mankind is missing something.

Writing Effective Thesis Statements

Writing Effective Thesis Statements

An essay is composed of many parts; a successful essay is composed of many successful parts. Perhaps the most important aspect of any essay is its statement of argument or thesis statement. There are many approaches to composing a thesis statement, but this handout aims to identify the basic elements of a good thesis statement for critical essays in English literature.

As one resource provided below states, “when written well, the thesis expresses your argument so clearly that it is not necessary to read the rest of your essay to understand what you believe.” Thus crafting a thesis statement takes a lot of work. The payoff is worth it: the more care you put into this essential aspect of your paper, the better structured and organized your essay will be. And your reader–never forget that you are writing for a reader–will appreciate that immensely.

1. What are the general qualities a good thesis statement?

Traditionally (because most effectively) found at the end of your introduction
A concise and precise statement of your critical position concerning a text/texts (usually 1-2 sentences long)

Constructing an Essay

Constructing an Essay

As far as the content of the essay is concerned, a few points are worth emphasizing. First, it is important that you adequately plan your essay. Second, you need to develop an argument or a thesis, which you then develop throughout your essay. It is not sufficient to describe what has happened, you need to think critically about the competing positions and arguments made by writers and attempt to develop your own position in response. This does not simply mean giving your opinion, but constructing an argument based upon empirical evidence and the continuing debates with which you become familiar through research.
Make sure that:
• your material is focused and directly addresses the essay question/topic
• the essay includes a clear introduction and conclusion
• your argument is explicitly stated in the introduction, and systematically developed and substantiated throughout the discussion; simply repeating an assertion does not make it an argument
• your paper is not a set of notes but a coherent justification of a position

Language in the United States - Paper on the Essay How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua

Language in the United States - Paper on the Essay How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua

Immigration has a long history in the United States, it is definitely credit as the United States became one of the most successful multi-ethnic nation in modern history. All men are created equal, this idea was brought up by the United States at the very beginning of America history, which is also the reason why countless people want to immigrate to the United States. They believe life would only be better after they come here because opportunities are given to each people according to personal ability and achievement. Our society is formed three major dimensions, which are communication, civilization and technology. Language takes a significance impact on communication. People can communicate through picture, act and sign-language, but language is always the fastest and the most direct way to express meaning, share feeling and so on. Language is a fundamental complement in society, not surprisingly, it could cause lots of difficulties and inconvenience if you do not know a main language of a country.

Preparation for College Writing Literacy Autobiography: Not Afraid

Preparation for College Writing Literacy Autobiography: Not Afraid

1. Revision
What is being revised?
Unawareness of butterfly effect in our lives. However sometimes it is a big deal.
What is the revision?
My experience of summer camp back to 2004 started a chain reaction that has a great impact on me and even become my source of confidence.

2. Arrangement
What is being arranged? / What is the arrangement?
Narration: My story and experience;
Contrast: My attitude to life after I joined the summer camp. Also I’ll provide my experience and situation after I gain the confidence.

3. Invention
What is being invented?
I use butterfly effect to explain why the summer camp is an essential source of my confidence.
What are the invention strategies?
Analyze memories to see connection + cause /effect

4. Delivery
Audience: classmates/instructor
Classmates: To those internationals, they may have had similar experiences and I want to encourage them. To American students, they may want to know why we internationals come here.
Medium: Paper, words and illustration.

5. Style

Understanding and Using Clefting

Understanding and Using Clefting
Understanding why and how to use this amazing discourse device in order to achieve some stylistics effects and making it easier for the receiver to interpret the producer’s thought.

Clefting is an English structure that can be confused with relative clauses but neither the former structure nor the latter share the defining properties. Clefting is a syntactic device used for adapting clauses to fit the requirements of communication, in other words, clefting is a structural option used to rearrange the information in a clause to achieve some purposes: emphasis, cohesion, and contextual fit. Analyzing cleft sentences will make it easier to understand this language problem.

My Art Exhibit Journey

My Art Exhibit Journey

Before I went to these many fantastic art exhibits, my concept of art was very one dimensional. While on my journey through all of these open studios, I learned many things including techniques and forms. I learned in my accompanied adventure, that art isn’t only paintings or sculptures, but anything that inspires you to make something beautiful from what you see and feel. I was a bit skeptical at first, but soon after I had visited around four studios, I began to realize what art truly is to everyone. Before these studios, in my mind art was just a painting or a sculpture with a specific design or pattern that was followed, but the studios and the people met there, changed my opinion, and helped me develop a further understanding and appreciation for it. Among learning that art is different for everyone, I also learned that art is not uniform. Sometimes when I am sculpting with clay, I find myself trying to be very uniform and strict, when in fact, while walking through the eight studios I visited; I found that the best art comes from the abstract, by freeing your mind and just doing what you feel.

The Smoking Gun Memos - Importance of a Well Written Memo

The Smoking Gun Memos - Importance of a Well Written Memo

Part I: Intro:
Memos in the workplace are meant to be informative and helpful. A well written memo can explain the importance of an issue or clarify a situation. The key thing to keep in mind when writing a memo is who the reader will be. This will help in what information to include and how the main points will be emphasized. On November 1, 1977, a memo about customer guidance on high pressure injection operation was written by J.J. Kelly. This memo was recommending that some guidelines should be sent to customers on how to safely shut down the high pressure system following an accident also known as the Three Mile Island Incident. On July 23, 1985, a memo about the problem with SRB seals was written by BRC/ R. Cook involving the Space Shuttle Discovery. This explains the concerns about o-ring erosion on the space shuttles. Purpose, content, style and organization of these memos all played a part in these disasters.

Part II: Purpose

Bachelor Thesis Project

Bachelor Thesis Project

The bachelor thesis project is a personal project during year 2 and year 3 during which the student learns the scientific methods to obtain and critically integrate new knowledge into his/her medical profession. In the bachelor thesis a current problem within the international (global) field of medicine has to be addressed. The thesis should results in a well-balanced advice about the problem or subject. The elective period can be used to broaden or deepen the knowledge about the subject of the bachelor thesis. The work performed during the elective period should contribute to the quality of the bachelor thesis.
The bachelor thesis project is not a scientific research project, but it is possible to extent it into a JSM scientific research project. The total amount of credits involved in the bachelor thesis project is 17 ECTS; 3 ECTS is awarded for approval of the project plan in year 2, 11 ECTS for the elective period and 3 ECTS for completion of the bachelor thesis in year 3.

1. Objectives Bachelor thesis

Bachelor Thesis Format and Outline - Preparing a Bachelor Thesis

Bachelor Thesis Format and Outline - Preparing a Bachelor Thesis

I. Introduction
You have now arrived at an important step in your pursuit of an undergraduate education and in preparing for your future: writing your bachelor thesis. Your thesis must describe clearly and fully the goals of the research, the motivation, theories or hypotheses tested, methods used, target population, findings and the advice derived from your findings along with the conclusions drawn. Accordingly, you have to also acknowledge all sources of information you have used (both written and oral) in writing your bachelor thesis. Your thesis stands for your contribution to the knowledge of your field. Therefore, the final product must be written in a style and layout, which are acceptable, consistent and understood which is why this handbook has been prepared. This guide should answer your questions about the final written thesis. We recommend that you read it in its entirety before you begin writing your thesis. If you have specific questions that still are not answered, please contact Dr. Noha El-Baz ( n.elbaz@epi.umcg.nl).

II. Student Responsibility

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Wikipedia in Literature Based Assignments

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Wikipedia in Literature Based Assignments

When you hear the phrase “Classic Literature”, there’s a strong possibility that what you proceed to think is, “Big.Boring.Book.” Aside from being dismally misguided, the unfortunate masses who adhere to this notion are probably alike in one prominent, product of the 21st-century way—as an alternative to reading “Titanic.Tedious.Text” they skim, and look to online sources to fill in the gaps. Their primary source of sorts becomes none other than Wikipedia: the study guide made easy. With its cohesive formatting and often thorough plot summary, The Free Encyclopedia is lit class made easy.

Comparison and Culture Discrepancy Between Chinese and English Idioms

Comparison and Culture Discrepancy Between Chinese and English Idioms

Idiom makes the complicated life more concretized and visualized. It is widely recognized as the essence or the crystallization of a language, and an indispensable part of a language, and fixed sentences or phrases which have been refined through ages of use. Is there an identical point to view the idiom between Chinese and English under the different cultural backgrounds? This paper grasps the point to embody the cultural differences between Chinese and English from the definition and comparison of the idioms. It also researches into the factors that influence the idioms.


Theme of Desire in Five Stories: Eveline by James Joyce, Story of an Hour, A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin, Popular Mechanics by Raymond Carver and a Short Story by Ernest Hemingway

Theme of Desire in Five Stories: Eveline by James Joyce, Story of an Hour, A Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin, Popular Mechanics by Raymond Carver and a Short Story by Ernest Hemingway

The five stories I am going to compare and contrast are Eveline by James Joyce, Story of an hour, A pair of silk stockings by Kate Chopin, Popular Mechanics by Raymond Carver, and A very short story by Ernest Hemingway. My theme is on desire. Desire is to wish or long for something or someone.The characters in each of these stories were so passionate but, also passive in deciding what they really wanted in their lives.

In Evelines story she wants to start a new life. She was tired of all the negative things in her life. Her father who was abusive at times took a toll on her too. Also, the two jobs she juggled around as a nanny and a shop worker. Eveline struggled with the decision to either remain home with her dad who she financially supported or leave with her love frank. He was a sailor and he wanted to marry her. She agreed to leave with him in secret. Their relationship was pleasant until her father began to reject their relationship.

How to Write an APA Style Paper

How to Write an APA Style Paper

An abstract should be 100-120 words in length. It provides a summary of the paper so that the reader can decide whether he or she would like to continue reading the entire document. You should include a sentence or two from each of the sections of your paper. Do not include any statistical statements. You want your abstract to be somewhat catchy, as this is what will rope your reader in. In an abstract, you will always use numerals rather than writing out the words. However, number rules for the remainder of the paper do differ. Write out numbers below 10, but use numerals for numbers above 10, unless they begin a sentence (the you write them out).

How Sites Like Facebook Have Changed Our Writing Skills

Writing Skills

“Gf u r my BF4L!” Phrases like this populate our e-waves and give many critics reason to believe that this generation’s writing skills are diminishing. In this day and age, we have numerous opportunities for creative writing. The most popular by far is the use of the Internet. On the Internet, an individual can chat in a chat room, instant message an old friend, email a funny story, and even blog about the day’s events. However, are all these new writing outlooks improving this generation’s writing or is the prominent use of slang making it worse? This all depends on the person, what she is doing on the internet, and how she communicates with others. Although, most critics argue that writing on the internet does not improve writing skills, writing on the Internet can have both a positive and negative effect.

William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth” has two main turning points leading up to the murder of the King.

Macbeth Essay

William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth” has two main turning points leading up to the murder of the King. The first turning point is Macbeth and Banquo meeting the witches and the witch’s prophecy about Macbeth. The second turning point is Macbeth’s decision not to murder the King and Lady Macbeth influencing Macbeth to change his mind again and kill the King.
The first turning point of the play “Macbeth” is Macbeth and Banquo meeting the witches and the witch’s prophecy about their futures. Before the witches told their first prophecy about Macbeth, Macbeth was a good, honest man. He had never had evil thoughts towards his King and he respected his King like all of the Kings subjects. This all changed when Macbeth heard the first prophecy. The prophecy /...All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, thane of Glamis!

All hail, Macbeth! Hail to thee, thane of Cawdor!

An Essay on the Novels We Need to Talk About Kevin and Vernon God Little

An Essay on the Novels We Need to Talk About Kevin and Vernon God Little

“These novels are written purely to shock the reader; other than this they serve no real purpose.” To what extent do you agree?
Before proceeding to explain whether or not I agree that We Need To Talk About Kevin and Vernon God Little “shock the reader” and “serve no real purpose”, I will explore the reasons behind this critical perception.

A Post Colonial Essay on the Novel White Teeth by Zadie Smith

A Post Colonial Essay on the Novel White Teeth by Zadie Smith

‘These texts are a celebration of the collapsing of boundaries.’ Explore ways that your chosen texts support this statement.
Boundaries within society are like, “The clouds on the map” where they “would move, reform, disappear, and “new distinct areas would form.” [1] The “clouds” we would see as a cultural identity, sets us in a situation where we become distant. Race in White Teeth, religion in Londonstani and immigrants in The Emperor’s Babe all “move, reform” and “disappear” until a celebration is underway with the newly formed “distinct areas.” Through language we explore a variety of chosen words which sets us apart from what we are to believe; creating boundaries between us and the characters within the chapters of the books.

Differences and Examples of Analytical and Descriptive Writing

Analytical and Descriptive Writing

There are many writing genres, for example analytical and descriptive to name two. The different writing genres are used to do different things. Analytical writing for example is used to make a detailed examination of something in order to understand its nature and its essential features. As for descriptive writing it gives a picture to the reader of what is being said. There is more description so the reader can see what is going on without having to be there. With all essays it is important to know which style of writing is being asked of the writer. This paper will discuss the difference between both writing styles, the elements of each style, the appropriate use, and give an example of analytical and descriptive writing.

Difference between analytical and descriptive writing

A Lament for Quality Essay

A Lament for Quality Essay

If one really thinks about the value of education in every country, it will definitely seem that education sometimes is more important than other things. Education should proceed first before anything else. Giving the absolute priority for education can have good benefits that can affect individual whether they are young or old, it can also effect the society’s developments and accomplishments, as well as ensuring a safe future for next generations. Post secondary education is very valuable because it determines the fate and future of the next generations, whether it is good or bad. This is a very logical question that makes people think and get ready for the future. In the article A Lament for Quality Ann Dowsett touches on some important points when it comes to education levels. Such as universities and colleges’ tuitions, heading elsewhere to get better education, and comparing Canadian universities and colleges to others.

The American Dream - How Oprah Winfrey is a Textbook Example

The American Dream - How Oprah Winfrey is a Textbook Example

“Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. This was said by James Truslow Adams in 1931. He was the first person who used the term American Dream. The idea of the American Dream started in the United States Declaration of Independence. It said: “all men are created equal” and that they are “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights” including “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

During the last decade a very large number of immigrants came to the United States of America to get a better life. Their pursuit of happiness is also known as the pursuit of the American Dream. Many of those people sacrificed everything to start a new life is America. They left their family, friend and jobs to pursue this ‘dream’. At that time many of their dreams consisted of owning a piece of land and establishing prosperous businesses which would generate happiness. Some only wanted religious freedom.

Paper Written to Evaluate a Significant Experience, Achievement, Risk You Have Taken, or Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced and its Impact on You: Adjusting Between the World of Competitive Volleyball to Rowing - Leaving One Sport to Start Another

Paper Written to Evaluate a Significant Experience, Achievement, Risk You Have Taken, or Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced and its Impact on You

My Subject:

Adjusting Between the World of Competitive Volleyball to Rowing - Leaving One Sport to Start Another

To Doublespeak in Plain English - A Clarification Essay

To Doublespeak in Plain English - Clarification Essay

I have heard it be used before; I had sometimes made use of it myself, never did I know the correct meaning or the actual name it possessed: doublespeak. It is the art of taking away the actual meaning of an action, consequence or passage (Lutz, 2010). I say art because as I will discuss how for it to be used deep thought has to be put into the correct usage. The way we say things sometimes for etiquette or to be “politically correct” as people say, is not considered double speak. It is when the usage of it makes bad look good or something ugly sound pretty. I agree with Lutz in that doublespeak is soon becoming a normal standard of the way we communicate.

Essay on My Experience Collecting Money for Poor Children

Holding a red box, wearing a bright red ribbon and standing in the passing by people trying to open your mouth but the glue seemed tied the up and down lips firmly, feeling that you were an isolated island in the people sea. ,this is exactly what I encountered when I first collected money for the poor children.

Comparison of Fictional and Non-Fictional Writing Style

Comparison of Fictional and Non-Fictional Writing Style

I've always considered myself a good writer. Recently I've come to the conclusion that there are two major differences between writing fiction and non-fiction, and different ways that they need to be approached. Each style needs a little, or a lot of research. Fiction can be based on what’s real or what’s not. Non-fiction is strictly what is.

When writing fiction for me it seems rather simple. There are no strict rules, no path that can't be followed or thought that can't be conveyed. You are only limited by what's there in my mind. If I want to write about being a traveling salesman whose career is based on the sale of combs I can do that. I use what I know about travel, the need for a product, and I can then compare it to some of the struggles or success of past endeavors. Fiction doesn’t always mean that your character can do amazing things. Sometimes a story doesn’t need to be out of left field to be good. There are similarities to writing non-fiction though.

APA Sample Paper

APA Sample Paper


The Title of Your Manuscript, Typed in Capitals and Lower Case Letters, Centered on the Page

Your Name

University Affiliation


The second page of a manuscript contains the abstract, which is essentially a mini-version of your paper in 120 words or less (hint: it is often easiest to write this section last). This page must have the manuscript page header (which is simply the first two or three words of your title and is used in case manuscript pages accidentally become separated) in the upper right corner of the page and the word “Abstract” centered on the page. The abstract is a single paragraph that briefly describes the purpose of the study, the participants (including number and gender), the hypotheses, the design (including independent and dependent variables), the research procedures, the findings, and the interpretation drawn from the findings. The abstract is what potential readers will browse through to determine if your paper is sufficiently interesting and relevant to be worth their time to read. Note that the first sentence of the abstract is not indented.

The Use of Questions by Professors in Lectures Given in English - A Study of Gender Influences

The Use of Questions by Professors in Lectures Given in English - A Study of Gender Influences

Different Degrees of Education and Different Ranks Have All Their Own Languages

Different Degrees of Education And Different Ranks Have All Their Own Languages

Table of Contents



I. Vocabularies that are used in different groups of people

Ⅱ. Grammar in different classes

Ⅲ. Figures of speech in different classes

Ⅳ. Conclusion


Thesis statement: Because of the degree of education and ranks, there are many differences in people’s vocabularies, grammar, and figures of speech.
Ⅰ. Vocabularies are used in different groups of people.
The vocabularies in unwell-educated educated people’s language.
The vocabularies in well-educated people’s language.
The vocabularies in higher rank.

Ⅱ.The grammar, figures of speech in different classes.
The grammar used in different classes.
The figures of speech used in different classes.

Audience Addressed and Audience Invoked Paper

Audience Addressed and Audience Invoked Paper

There are two theories which are debated about considering audience—meaning how audience becomes involved in the text. The question is: is audience addressed or is audience invoked? Or, is it both? Both theories are plausible and Ede and Lunsford believe writing is both. Audience addressed and audience invoked are both argued by several theorists, but I will focus on Bitzer, Aristotle, Long, Gibson, and Ede and Lunsford.

Audience addressed gives attention to audience analysis and addresses the audience hoping to have a desired effect. By audience analysis, the addressed view hopes to create their audience by “packaging” their information, usually in a persuasive manner, to communicate their truth. This was the main idea of Aristotle’s view, where the writer determines the content and the message they want to communicate before an audience, and then analyzes the audience (e.g. age, education, beliefs, etc…) and “packages” the information accordingly.

My Secret Hideaway - A Descriptive Essay

My Secret Hideaway - A Descriptive Essay

I have a secret hide away, and it has me. For years it has been stationed below assorted age old trees and rusty street lamps on the lonely corner of Yellowstone Ave. and North Pryor Street. Byron Wyoming. You can spot the sky blue house in the summer when it’s set on fire by my grandma’s colorful burning flowers, and up the winding sidewalk you will find what I have enjoyed calling home. A place suited for my very own necessities.

The house has undergone many stressful renovations over the past 21 years; nonetheless, she has upheld many long days and still stands to tell me her story every time I walk in. A good mood, a sour mood, a rainy day, or an awful night, my grandparent’s home never ceases to comfort me in my darkest hour. As much as times change, there are those who come and go, who share the same nest as me. It would be selfish to call this place all mine, for without the love and unity felt within these walls, this house wouldn’t be the home it is today for so many.

How to Write a Good Introduction for Your Papers

How to Write a Good Introduction

What is an introduction?

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia defines the definition as “the act of introducing or fact of being introduced” . Thanks to this definition, we understand that introducing a law essay might mean exposing the subject to the reader.

The introduction is the first part of your essay. The introduction aims at introducing your research. It is an important part in the essay because it is the first impression about your work for the reader. It is the first and the most important impression. In a kind of way, this part can be considered as the most important one: the reader refers constantly to the idea or the theory exposed in the introduction insofar as it is the key to understand the body.

Does Literacy and Comprehension Prepare You to be an Asset to Society?

I find myself sitting at my computer at a loss for what to write. I am unsure of my subject and my structure for this paper, and I am afraid that if I don’t accurately portray my thoughts in writing ‘the teacher’ will view me as unfit for the class. Eventually, this will result in a low grade on my essay, in turn causing me to receive a poor grade for the class, consequently lowering my grade point average. If none of my essays are to my teacher’s liking, then I would have to retake this class; this would prolong the time in getting my degree- the degree that I have been working towards and wanting for so long. Finally after all of this I wonder to myself, why do I want this degree, this A, this approval?

Excerpts from The Origin of the Work of Art by Martin Heidegger

Martin Heidegger: “The Origin of the Work of Art”, 1936

Three pages from the writing of 20th-century German philosopher Martin Heidegger—can you take it? They’re really good pages. The prose is some of the most poetic, direct, and intimate in Western philosophy. Eat it slowly and it will bless you with stronger bones and teeth, metaphorically speaking.

The central obsession of much of Heidegger’s philosophy is Being—not “a being”, nor “being this-or-that”, but something grander, more radical. For Heidegger, Western philosophy took a wrong turn with the Greeks (!), especially their conception of Being as an object—a thing which stays put, remains solid, persists and endures despite time. Heidegger’s revision, to be simplistic, is this: Being is not an object but a happening. Being is the moving through time of things and people. Or, literally, Being is a verb—but a verb caught constantly in a “state” of verb, a “verbing,” a gerunding of people-places-things, not-quite-nouns. Hence the title of Heidegger’s most famous work, 1927’s Being and Time.

Example of Resume with Teamworking Experience

In the summer of 1998, I worked at Brackley Library working with their computerised archiving and network systems. The computer systems were part of a central network for all libraries in Northamptonshire accessing the availability of books. This was part of my work experience in my secondary school.

In the winter of 1999 I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the college marketing department where most of the work consisted of using word processing systems, and e-mail on various projects.

In the summer of 2002, to gain more experience in an office environment, I was accepted to work for the largest housing agency company in Hong Kong. Part of my responsibilities required me to work closely with co-workers and clients. Computer skills were also essential for this position enabling the company to filter and sort through masses of customer information very accurately. Communication skills were very important in this role, and I developed my skills and knowledge of a working office environment during the time I spent working with Centraline Properties.

Writing Business Letters - English for Special Purposes Core Vocabulary

Writing Business Letters - English for Special Purposes Core Vocabulary

to act on behalf of on arrival of the goods
to agree with on behalf of
always at your service on condition that - provided that
as agreed on delivery
as far as I'm concerned on receipt of the order
as far as the payment is concerned on short notice
as follows on written request
as per invoice order to be confirmed
as per to the conditions our best attention
as per your request our offer is still open
as requested outside address
as soon as possible to pay the maximum attention to the matter
at your convenience payable in advance
at your earliest convenience please allow us
at your expense please send us
awaiting your reply please send us your instructions
to be able to prices are increasing
to be authorised to to reach the destination
to be characterised by to refer to
to be confident in to return a letter to the sender
to be delighted to to sell at the best
to be held responsible for to send under separate cover
to be in arrears with payments sender address
to be in difficulty short term
to be interested in similar to sample - up to sample

Steps for Writing an Argumentation Essay

Steps for Writing an Argumentation Essay

1. Review all the reading material on the subject-- -notes, highlighting, etc.

2. Divide the main points into those for your issue and those against your issue.

3. Write a thesis statement identifying the issue and your position.

4. Construct an outline which has as the primary supports the main ideas supporting your position and one or two opposing arguments for refutation. Choose a pattern of organization which is logical and convincing.

5. Outline secondary supports for each of your major points, including evidence, examples, explanations, testimony, cause/effect, etc. and, of course, include your reference material.

6. Begin your draft. Write the body of the essay based on your outline, using your major supports as topic sentences. Make sure that you use transitions between and within paragraphs. Make sure that opposition arguments are stated briefly and refuted at length, so that your reader knows you do not support the opposition's points.

Tips on Writing a Film Review

Writing a Film Review
Structure in a Nutshell

1. Title – catchy, can indicate if review will be positive or negative, you can play with words to make it funny or different

2. Paragraph 1 – Opening paragraph – can start to summarise film and give early suggestions about your general view of it (positive/negative)

3. Paragraph 2 – Start or continue summary of film, don’t give details about the ending or else no one will go and see the film!!

4. Paragraph 3 and 4 – positive things you thought about the film, what did you like? Why? Use descriptive words, think about the story, setting, effects used, music used

5. Paragraph 5 and 6 – negative things you thought about the film, what didn’t you like? Why? Comment on the same type of things that you mentioned in paragraphs 3 and 4

6. Paragraph 7 and 8 – Characterization – talk about the characters, did you like them? Did the actors play them well? What was it about their portrayal that you liked or didn’t like? Other impressions of the characters, will certain audience members be able to relate to certain characters? How? Will certain audience members not like certain characters? Why not?

Discussion of a Quote from Music and the Mind by Anthony Storr

Music and the Mind Quote

Discuss the following statement: "Music is a powerful instrument of education which can be used for good or ill, and we should ensure that everyone in our society is given the opportunity of participating in a wide range of different kinds of music." Anthony Storr, Music and the Mind, Harper Collins Publishers, London 1997, 48

Easy Essay Helper

Easy Essay Helper

An essay is a very structured piece of writing; it needs an introduction, an exploratory middle and a conclusion. This sheet is designed to help those students who have difficulty staying on task (wafflers); students who haven’t much experience writing essays and those who would like to revise their old skills. It is not a prescriptive format, simply a suggested one.

Step 1: Essay topic

Do you understand the essay topic? Do you know what you need to write about? If you are not 100% sure, ask your tutor for clarification. Highlight or underline key words in the topic and ensure you understand the terms. Don’t be embarrassed to look them up in a dictionary.

Step 2: Brainstorm

This step is frequently overlooked by students, but can mean the difference between an H2 and an H1. Brainstorming allows you to put your ideas on paper, discount those that don’t fit, highlight those that require more research and order the points so the finished essay reads coherently.

Writing an Essay - Essential Steps in the Process

Writing an Essay - Essential Steps in the Process

The word essay is from the French and it means attempt or trial. In some ways than an essay is never complete;, it is an attempt at giving word to thought and emotions.

Your attempts, or trials, at writing essays will be most successful if you follow the guidelines given below. It is also recommended that you read Chapters 2 and 3 in the textbook. Your text contains several checklists that will be helpful in the drafting and revision of your essay.

Review the annotation of the literary work you are going to write about. Your highlighted passages and comments made while reading the work may give you many ideas for your own essay. You may have the seed of a thesis by looking at literary devices, character development, style and tone, even setting.

Examples of a Research Outline

Examples of a Research Outline

Introduction of Dyslexia
Traditional Dyslexia Defined (Davis, 2010)
Modern Definition explained for simplicity
Other forms of Dyslexia (Davis, 2010)

Brief history of Dyslexia
Dyslexia presented by some current textbooks as flawed genetic instructions (Ormrod, 2008, p. 23)

Future prospects
Earlier Detection
Educational Advances

Objective of Research Paper
Objective Statement

Current context
Typical diagnosis for Dyslexia from a parent’s perspective
Discovering Dyslexia
Proper Diagnosis
Common reactions to it.
So Junior has Dyslexia (Armstrong & Humphrey, 2008)

The emotional reconciliation (McNulty, 2003)
Developmental Theory of Dyslexia
In the beginning (Davis, 2010)

Hello Dyslexia
Dyslexia Genesis
Early signs (Davis, 2010)
Potential for Dyslexia
Visual Buffer
Compounding of Problems (Davis, 2010)
The development of a Gift
The Gift that keeps on Giving
Reality of Disability (Davis, 2010)

Dysfunctional Strategies
The Disability Defined
A case study; Davis Dyslexia Program Applied (Davis, 2010)
Personal Experience
Traditional Family Encounters Dyslexia

Why Writers Aim to Make the Beginning of their Text Exciting

Ways that Writers Aim to Make the Beginning of their Texts Exciting.

It is vital for the writer of the text to engage the reader from the very beginning, as the opening depends on the rest of the text.
The form should engage the reader by the narrative aspects whether it s first person narrator or third person. Multiple narratives are also interesting as it gives the point of view from different people and not just one like in Gatsby. The narration is from Nick himself and at one point from Jordan.

The Great Gatsby has a sense of mystery from the beginning which engages the reader as Nick says ‘I was privy to the secret griefs of the wild, unknown men’. This interesting point shows that Nick knows the secret which he may reveal later on, which in turn motivates the reader to carry on reading till the end of the chapter. Gatsby’s enigma and background history is also very interesting as the main character has a secret mystery behind his appearance. This climactic situation builds up tension; hence the reader is motivated to continue reading.

Guide to Writing a Psychology Essay

Guide to Writing a Psychology Essay

An essay should (usually) be an argument. Pretty much all of the essay titles you will receive on a psychology module will require you to present an argument. Key words that identify this are “discuss”, “to what extent” “critically evaluate”, etc. One of the perennial problems that student essays suffer is that they are overly descriptive. They describe relevant phenomena or theories well but there is little in the way of argument in the essay. To rectify this you need to have in mind the following points.

The Five Basic Steps Included in the Writing Process

There are five basic steps that are included in the writing process.

These steps are generating ideas, planning, drafting, revising and editing.

Generating ideas helps you find purpose in your writing and makes the writer ask themselves who the writing it meant for and what they need to know. Planning helps to arrange your thoughts are start an outline. Drafting helps write a rough draft that includes a title an introduction and a conclusion to the paper. Revising is a way the main story has been written to go over and change ideas that don’t fit in the paper or look for ways to fine tune and add more supporting detail. Finally correcting is a way to look for grammatical errors or any other errors including punctuation and proper capitalization.

The two most helpful suggestions I got from the writing process was firstly creating ideas by brainstorming and clustering new thoughts together to start to formulate my ideas. The other idea I found most successful was by writing out an outline of the thoughts. This helps to keep my ideas in order and makes it easier to write a final paper.

Useful Sentences for TOEFL Essay Writing

Useful Sentences for TOEFL Essay Writing

Here are some useful sentences that help you to make your essay coherent and achieve a higher score for your writing. These sentences can be used at the beginning or middle of paragraphs. They can also be used in any essay.

I do strongly support the idea that...
I do completely agree with the statement...
There are a lot of reasons for the choice and I would like to put them in the following way...
Although "XYZ" has its advantages, in my point of view...
There reasons are as follows...
As far as I am concerned, I prefer the latter for the following argument...

To begin with...
The third advantage of "XYZ" is also the most important reason...
One important aspect of "XYZ" is...
Another equally important thing about "XYZ" is...
One reason for supporting "XYZ" is...
Last but not least...
In an "EFD" perspective...
Above all advantages there is only one disadvantage. It is that … But it does not matter for me.

In conclusion...
From all those reasons above...

Outline for Writing a Research Paper

Outline for Writing a Research Paper


Within the first paragraph, the reader needs to know what your paper is about.
What is the problem addressed by this study?
What is the question?
Why is it important?
Does it have important policy implications?
Will it tell us something about the usefulness of a theory?
What are some possible answers to the question that you will investigate (general statement of the hypotheses)?
By the end of the first or second paragraph, the reader should know what you are going to do in your study.

Literature Review:

The purpose of the literature is to justify your study. The literature review can be organized several different ways. One good way is chronologically, since later studies generally improve over earlier studies, and the progression in knowledge can be shown. However, it can also be organized around topics or areas of the subject matter, or methodological problems. Organize the literature review in such a way that it gives you the strongest possible justification for your study. Regardless of the organization, it should address the following questions.
What else has been done on the subject?

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